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Greetings to all the Clash Royales! Bring your arena game in Clash Royale for Android and iOS right to the next level, using out Clash Royale Hack to get unlimited resources for free. No downloads or providing sensitive information required - just type in your account ID and take the gems!

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Use This Clash Royale Gem Generator to Build Your Unbeatable Desk

Clash Royale is still hands down the most successful mobile game ever produced. So far it’s got the real cyber sports community which continues to grow. But yet, like any other MOBA game, it suffers from two things we blame mobile games for: grinding and micro-transactions. And that’s why we’re sharing the CR gem hack, so you can get unlimited gems to your account for free and within hours! No passwords, no credit cards obviously — just your Supercell ID.

Why Do I Need to Use Clash Royale Free Gem Generator At All?

You may think like grinding is a long yet honest way to build your game. The more you lose, the more experienced you become. But Clash Royale is not that sort of thing. You need a decent desk in order to proceed to Arena 4 at least. And there’s no way to do so without purchasing chests for gems or specific cards for your desk for gold. And that’s why you’re here.

Our hack tool gives you an opportunity to boost your game by getting unlimited free gems and gold. With that, you can upgrade all your existing cards right away, no need to lose your rank on random anymore. Or you can buy some King’s Chests and get new game-breaking ones! For what reason it couldn’t be a better deal?

How to Use This CR Gem Hack?

For a start, let us make it clear once again. Using this hack tool doesn’t require you to share any sensitive data like email, password, payment addresses, you name it! All we need is your Supercell ID — that nickname all of your clan members and opponents see. And it’s the very thing our bot should know to make the magic!

It worth to note that we don’t use the local game data from your device as well. Your account name is required for the hack bot to process your save files on the Supercell’s server, so it will be able to rewrite your actual amount of gems with the one you’ve requested.

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your gems:

  1. Type in your Supercell ID in the form above;
  2. Select the number of gems and gold you want to get;
  3. Submit the form and wait a little — hack bot can process a request up to half an hour;
  4. Go and build that dream deck!

Benefits of Getting Free Gems With Clash Royale Gem Generator

Unlike other well-known ways to get CR gems for free, our hack tool doesn’t require you to do anything with your device. As long as you know, things are way easier if you have a device with Android 5 or later, or an iPhone working under iOS 9. So you can root your phone/install jailbreak and set the desired amount of gems and gold with the data editing app to your local save file. That’s good old way, but there is a big issue with it (except the one that playing Clash Royale on that old devices really sucks). Such tweaks can lead to your local save file become corrupted, so the best you can get from it is not to lose your progress at all.

Furthermore, our solution for you to get free gems for Clash Royale is risk-free. There’s no sensitive data you may lose by using the tool, as well as there’s no chance your account can be banned for using it. We have our ties with opt-in guys, so we know well when to jump off — you don’t need to think about it.

See, that’s easy! Just one last thing: if you like our Clash Royale Hack Tool, feel free to share it with others by leaving feedback or shouting us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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